Mr photographer

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Mr photographer,

I wish your flashlight could flash away all the seemingly endless pains,

I wish you could through your lens see
The flashback of my life in a flash
You don’t have to show me or bring it back to me
Save it on your wall, let the world see

I wish your filter could sieve my tears
My eyes mirror what my smile hides
It’s skin deep
Sips down into my soul like disaster on a field trip

I hope my future isn’t half as broken as my English
Mama is broke
Let’s pretend I didn’t save her last week from ending her life with a rope

Mr camera man,
Please just two shots
But don’t pull no trigger
Wouldn’t want to end up like Dad
Frozen for good in the hood

I wander and I wonder
If this is all life has to offer for a ghetto child
Why won’t we run wild?

In a few years I may go astray
Please hold on to this innocent picture of mine
It may be the only good thing about me saved in their minds

Like a book that’s left the shelve?